Artificial Intelligence Expert

brinG artificial intelligence into regulatory Environment

This position is about cooperating with the entire technical team to build a world class system for regulatory affairs.

The Artificial Intelligence Architect will utilize Artificial Intelligence(AI) and big data analysis methods to work within cross-functional teams to engage the internal clients and broader customer base, comprehend the internal client’s problems, develop strategic analytical products, support requirements analysis, inform the creation of strategic plans for business transformation, including understanding clients’ most complex business challenges, architecting a solution that delivers a measurable outcome, testing the solution, and implementing the transformation.

Responsibilities Include:

Apply extensive domain expertise and business acumen to develop multiple insights and theories for complex problems in the Industrial, Manufacturing and Security spaces that require the regular use of ingenuity and creativity and deep understanding of existing methods and solutions

Extract qualitative and quantitative relationships, including patterns and trends from a wide variety of data

Use technical and analytical expertise to explore and examine data from multiple disparate Big Data sources with the goal of discovering patterns and previously hidden insights that can provide a competitive advantage or address a pressing mission problem

Analyze and implement analysis infrastructure and tools, analytic workflow processes, and complex data visualizations and leverage foundational comprehension of mathematical and statistical concepts, algorithm development, feature engineering, model selection, training testing and validation of different models, pipeline generation, and domain expertise to bridge the gap between decision makers and technical experts, ensuring data or modeling solutions meet business requirements

Job Requirements


MS or PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, applied mathematics, data science, statistics or related field

Degree in AI preferred

5+ years of experience with data analysis in high performance computing, machine learning, big data analysis or related areas, deep understanding of machine learning, cloud services

Experience in advanced machine learning area

Python or R programming skills

Ability to accommodate some travel, if necessary

Preferred Requirements:

Experience with working in a Big Data environment and addressing data operations and quality issues therein

Knowledge of relational database concepts, data mining, data warehouses, decision support tools, and programming languages.


Please apply by email to Career @ Orange-Moon