MDR Reader

The EU MDR  (medical devices regulation) with its more than 560 pages  -

not the easiest literature to digest.

The MDR reader simplifies at least the reading of the document and saves a lot of time.

Compared to reading the native HTML or PDF your now can:

  • expand and collapse the chapters as needed -> never scroll to far again
  • store your annotations immediately to the place where they refer to -> never search fro your notes again
  • immediately share your annotations with your colleagues -> crunch the effort in collaboration

Save time and make working with the MDR lots easier now.

The MDR-Reader archive contains all bits you need. There is no installer needed. Simply extract the archive on your computer and start the application. (In some cases it takes up to 30 seconds to start)

The integrity of the package can be checked against the sha256 sum: f308225a591f616927d3181f2a6cbf8375f78163430c472ac1ce6f57f07611fc

If you want traceability:  Buy MDR cockpit instead now!




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